About us

A twisted tale!

Bretzel.biz was born from a passion. A passion to re-create the traditional Bretzels from Germany and share them with a country where Bretzels were still relatively unknown.

How? There was only one way: to handcraft, handroll and twist each Bretzel individually using a team of Bretzel aficionados in a specialist bakery!

Since the inception of the company many years ago, the public has embraced the deliciousness of the Bretzel and business has flourished. But wait! More was to follow.
An idea of creating a sweet Bretzel migrated its way to Australia. Through many experiments, trials and taste tests, the sweet vanilla Bretzel was born and was an instant success, especially when it was filled with hazelnut chocolate and delicious toppings.

We’re always experimenting with new flavours, so if you’ve got a tasty idea, we’d love to hear from you!

Our capabilities:

All we make is Bretzels (pretzels) and Bretzel-related products, that’s it! No distractions or any other side lines, that way we can specialise in delivering the best-tasting product, we believe on the market.

All our equipment has been specially imported from Germany specifically for Bretzels and our production capabilities are in the thousands with our oven baking 200 Bretzels per bake.


These days we’ve come a long way from the original conception of Bretzel.biz and we supply both locally and interstate to wholesale customers such as microbreweries, pubs, cafés, restaurants, clubs and bars. We’re also a supplier to a network of schools and institutions. On top of all this we regularly attend many events and markets throughout the year…drop in and say hi!